Sewage Damage in the home or workplace can be caused by severe rainstorms, floods blockages and burst pipes. Not only is the Sewage exposure an issue but the water damage that comes with it can be extensive.

Your health can be impacted as sewage contains bacteria, viruses and other germs that can cause disease and make a contaminated home unfit for living. The potential for developing illness and damage increases the longer sewage remains in contact with building interiors.

Therefore it is important to dry out the space promptly and discard all contaminated porous materials.

We at Queensland Flood Fire and mould Solutions are highly trained and certified technicians who will assess not only the damage to your home but also the health risks involved to you and your family.


  • Identify the source of raw sewage contamination
  • Remove any standing water and potentially harmful sewage
  • Collect and discard all solid waste in accordance with Australian regulations
  • Sort through and damaged contents
  • Remove any porous contents and surfaces that are unable to be decontaminate
  • Initial disinfecting to initiate the reduction and containment of micro-organisms
  • Dry all affected areas using fans dehumidifiers etc
  • Second bacterial disinfection of the containment area