Queensland Flood Fire & Mould Solutions are here to help remove and remediate any mould issues and help with any reoccurring concerns. Fully trained and experienced in all aspects of mould removal and cleaning process standards and training IICRC 520.

Mould can be caused from little to no ventilation incorrect water damage restoring, slow water leaks.

Occasionally there are times such as during a catastrophic flooding, construction defects and structure or component failure when mould growth becomes overt and is often the result of secondary damage where appropriate immediate measures have not taken place.

Fungal problems will fall into one of four categories.

  1. The fungus constitutes a health hazard.
  2. The fungus compromises structural integrity
  3. The fungus compromises aesthetic qualities
  4. The fungus compromises market value


  • focus on source of mould
  • Identify the affected contents & structure
  • remediate & clean - not just the effected visible areas but the surroundings
  • Get a trained IICRC 520 recognised professional
  • Contain - Control - Remove


  • Wipe - this will just spread the problem
  • Add any liquid - this includes chemicals
  • Get an untrained cleaner
  • Put air movement onto mould or surrounding effected surfaces
  • Paint over
  • Spread throughout property by incorrect removal


Mould remediation can be summed up in one sentence: ”Fix the moisture issue and restore the building materials to an acceptable condition.” One of the main challenges is to determine which contaminated materials should be removed and which can be saved with a reasonably low risk of indoor climate problems.

A Queensland Flood Fire & Mould Solutions mould remediation will begin with analysis of the fungal attack, including a Microbiological Assessment where appropriate air quality testing and surface swabbing will be carried out before and after mould remediation by a qualified internal environmental professional. 

Determining the source of the moisture and rectifying it is the most important step to ensure no further damaging growth occurs. In addition, disinfection of all affected materials and objects are done to stop further growth. All affected areas are also dried using state of the art drying equipment.

Queensland Flood Fire & Mould Solutions also remove all affected carrier materials such as wallpaper, wood and plaster and contents. A thorough air purification will then be undertaken to remove any air driven mould particles.

And finally, a Queensland Flood Fire & Mould Solutions quality control check.