Water damage can be caused by Flooding, Sewage, Pipe Bursts and human error and is often very stressful for the home or business owner. It is vital that the extraction and water removal process begins as soon as possible to prevent the onset of mould which can not only further damage the area but also impose serious health risks to everyone within the proximity.

Queensland Flood Fire & Mould Solutions are specialists in assessing, repairing and restoring flood and water damage, sewage backups, burst pipes, wet and flooded floors, walls and ceilings. Once water has been extracted we can either clean, restore or replace your contents that have suffered damage. We will evaluate them with you and your insurance adjuster for a stress free solution.

Following water extraction we will then assess all structural materials with moisture meters to determine the extent of damage and what the best course of action will be needed to minimise further damage.

All our removal and cleanup processes provide validation and documentation that your property is dry so you can be sure that your home or business will no longer be at risk.